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Getting Started

First we need to get the source code. Using any SVN client (see note below), checkout the code from this repository: Apart from the framework source code, there are also some samples which demonstrate how to use it.

Note: If you don't have an SVN client, then I'd recommend getting TortoiseSVN (

To use Daabli, you'll need to add a reference to it in your project. You can reference it via a project-to-project reference or as a file reference. You can use any of the project files provided, Daabli.csproj, Daabli.Phone7.csproj, or Daabli.Store.csproj depending on your project type. For example, if your project were a Console application or a WPF application, you would reference Daabli. If your project were a Windows Phone 7 Application, you would reference Daabli.Phone7. And if your project were a Windows Store application, you would reference Daabli.Store.

Now that we're all setup to use Daabli, let's take a look at how we can use Daabli to load objects.

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