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This is a guide to using Daabli: a lightweight deserialization framework for C#. At this point it's worth
mentioning that Daabli is only a deserialization framework; serialization support is currently under
development. Still, I thought it would be worth writing a guide on how to use it for deserialization,
instead of waiting for completion of serialization support. If your application needs to load objects and
data from human readable text files, then Daabli could be useful to you.

The currently supported features are:
  • Loads objects from a 'C' style format which is easy to read and edit using any plain text editor
  • Extremely simple to integrate and use
  • Portable code; tested with .NET Framework and Silverlight for Windows Phone
  • Non-intrusive loading support for types which cannot be modified (e.g., library types)
  • Built-in support for the following generic containers: List, Dictionary, Queue, Stack, LinkedList
  • Supports loading enumerations
  • Supports object referencing

If the above mentioned features are enough to load your objects, then let's proceed to getting started
with Daabli.

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